Students will need a classic guitar of high quality and a protective case.  Also known as a Spanish guitar or classical guitar, this nylon-string instrument is the best choice for beginning guitarists. It’s smaller body, wider neck, wider string spacing, and softer strings make this instrument the most comfortable and pleasant-sounding type of guitar.  Music and technique learned on the classic guitar can be applied to other types of guitars (i.e. electric and folk).

Playing guitar at the beach

DO NOT purchase a guitar in advance. Most items are available through the studio. Individual needs vary.

Instruments are available for rent or purchase through the studio. Since young students will be growing and using a number of different sized instruments along the way, it is suggested that parents rent until the student is able to play a full-size instrument.

Classic guitars come in many sizes allowing students as young as three to begin lessons. It is best that Dr. Berlin meet with your child prior to purchasing an instrument to ensure that the proper size is selected.  He will continually monitor your child’s growth as make recommendations for re-sizing as needed.

Ruben Flores Guitars

The studio offers Ruben Flores guitars in all sizes available for rent or purchase. Made in Spain, Flores solid top student guitars balance a warm, rich tone with a remarkable durability.


On smaller guitars, high tension nylon strings should be used.