Similar to sponsorship, Brian entertains offers for exclusive product endorsement. In exchange for promotional consideration, Brian can agree the following during the term of the contract:

  • Promotion of your product as “the official _____ of Brian Berlin”
  • Use of his image in promotional material associated with the product
  • Promotion of your product in interviews, articles, and on social media
  • Credit your product in liner notes for physical recordings released during the contract term
  • Include company’s logo on his website and social media platforms
  • Include company’s logo, trademark, and/or tag line in artist promotional material
  • Display company’s brand name on banners and other promotional material, provided by your company, at concerts
  • Hold product giveaways during a live event during the term of the contract
  • Reserve space at venues for your company to park a company-branded vehicle, solely at your company’s cost
  • Distribute promotional material such as t-shirts, bumper stickers, and guitar picks provided by your company and post photographs of the received promotional material on social media platforms
  • Review product samples from your company’s product line that have been provided to Brian by your company
  • Enjoy “sole” product category endorsement status during the terms of the contract
  • Work with your company as it develops in-market and national advertising, publicity, and promotional campaigns.

If you are interested in discussing endorsement opportunities, contact Brian’s team!