Trombone Lessons in Houston, TX

Have you always wanted to learn to play trombone? Do you want your child to have specialized lessons to prepare them for advanced trombone studies? Dr. Berlin teaches trombone lessons in Houston, Texas blending the ideals of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s teaching techniques with Emory Remington and Donald Knaub’s performance techniques.

Dr. Berlin Began Teaching Trombone in 1988!

To the parent of children interested in the trombone, I suggest you start them by age ten.  This will ensure that trombone playing becomes a part of their daily routine from which they will not deviate with competing activities vie for their time later in adolescence.  To the older student, I suggest you start today. It is never too late to begin!


Because of the many remarkable videos available of very young Suzuki students performing advanced repertoire, some people mistakenly believe that Suzuki is a “children’s method” not suitable for later beginners or adults.  This is certainly not the case.  Any person, at any age, with an interest in learning an instrument can thrive under the guidance of a certified Suzuki teacher.

Another misconception is that students are taught by rote and that music reading is not emphasized.  This is also not the case. It is for the pre-literate student that written music is not emphasized.  As the student begins to become a literate person in their primary language (e.g. English), they are introduced to reading in a very natural, developmentally-appropriate fashion.

Students are trained to play by ear, not by rote.  The difference may seem subtle to the casual readers, but it is substantial.  Listening and mimicking is a natural process of language acquisition. Ear training is also used for older, literate students.

Principles of Study and Guidance

  1. The student should listen to reference recordings every day… to develop musical sensitivity. Rapid progress depends on this listening.
  2. Tonalization, or the production of beautiful tone, should be stressed in the lesson and at home.
  3. Constant attention should be given to correct posture and proper hand positioning.
  4. Parents and teachers should strive to motivate the [student] so [they] will enjoy practicing correctly at home.

(excerpted from Suzuki Guitar School, Vol. 1. Van Nuys, CA: Alfred Music, 2018, 4.)

The adult or self-motivated adolescent student will naturally not require the same level of external motivation as younger students.  Nevertheless, others in the home should support and encourage the music student’s endeavors.

Preparation for College and Beyond!

For the advanced student, my goal is to present you with repertoire and material suitable for the college and professional level.  When students are ready to apply for college, their life-long dedication will cause them to stand out and be noticed for acceptance and scholarship.  Even if the student does not study music in college, they will be equipped and primed for a life-long relationship with music through their trombone which will never leave them.

The Berlin Method

The only person that really taught “The Suzuki Method” was Dr. Suzuki. There is no “one, true way” to teach an instrument.  Every student is different and every teacher has their own unique and innovative strengths and strategies for their students. Dr. Berlin’s background, personal study, and scholarship makes his teaching unique in all the world, even with a shared repertoire!

Berlin Trombone Repertoire


We follow the RCM Trombone Syllabus for pre-college repertoire.


Freshman Tenor Trombone
David Concertino 
St. Saens Cavatine 
Hindemith Sonata 
3 Solos of your choice 

Rochut – Melodious Etudes, Book I 
Ernest Miller Studies 
Fink – Tenor Clef 
Blume Studies 

Freshman Bass Trombone
Koester Allegro Maestoso
Hindemith 3 Easy Pieces
Handel Sonata in C Minor
3 Solos of your choice

Rochut Melodious Etudes Book 1 (also 8vb)
Blume/Fink 36 Studies
Uber/Knaub 30 Etudes
Kopprasch/Fote Selected Studies

Sophomore Tenor Trombone
Larsson Concertino 
Handel f Minor Sonata 
Serocki Sonatina 
3 Solos of your choice 
Brown – Orchestra Excerpts, Books 1, 2, 3

Rochut – Melodious Etudes, Book II 
Bona/Fitch – Rhythmical Articulations (II & III) 
Slama Etudes 
Fink – Alto Clef 

Sophomore Bass Trombone
Stevens Sonatina
Semler-Collery Barcarolle et Chanson Bachique
Beethoven/Knaub Judas MAccabaes Variations
3 Solos of your choice
Brown – Orchestra Excerpts, Books 1, 2, 3

Rochut Melodious Etudes Book 2 (also 8vb)
Knau Technical Studies π a la Bone
Gillis 70 Progressive Studies
Grigoriev 24 Studies
Fink Tenor Clef

Junior Tenor Trombone
Bozza Ballade 
Tomasi Concerto 
Casterede Sonata 
3 Solos of your choice 
Brown Orchestral Excerpts Books 4, 5, 6 

Rochut – Melodious Etudes, Book III 
Blazevich – Clef Studies 
Kopprasch 60 Studies 
Pederson Etudes, Books 1 & 2 

Junior Bass Trombone
White Tetra ERgon
Spillman Concerto
DeFaye/Knaub Deux Danses
2 Solos of your choice
Brown Orchestral Excerpts Books 4, 5, 6

Schroeder 140 Foundation Studies for Cello Bk 1
Pederson Etudes for Bass Trombone Books 1 & 2
Rochut Melodious Etudes Book 3 (also 8vb)

Senior Tenor Trombone
Creston Fantasy 
Serocki Concerto 
Albrechtsberger Concerto 
3 Solos of your choice
Brown Orchestral Excerpts Books 7-12 
Wagner Orchestral Excerpts

Telemann Fantasies 
Bach ‘Cello Suites 
Blazevich 26 Sequences 
Pederson Etudes Book 3

Senior Bass Trombone
Casterede Fantaisie Concertante
Wilder Sonata for Bass Trombone
Grantham Concerto
3 Solos of your choice
Brown Orchestral Excerpts Books 7-12
Wagner Orchestral Excerpts

Bach Cello Suites (Marsteller edition)
Blazhevich/Knaub Technical Studies for Tuba
Pederson Etudes for Bass Trombone Book 3