Have you always wanted to be a songwriter?

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Of all musical endeavors, songwriting can be the most artistically rewarding. Dr. Berlin is committed to guiding you along a path of artistic discovery. Since songwriting is a very individualized process, songwriting lessons are personalized for each student and their goals. At the core of lessons, Dr. Berlin will help you nurture healthy artistic practices that encourage the highest levels creativity. This is essential for reaching your potential as an artist.

We may examine books like The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. We may utilize texts and strategies by master teacher Pat Pattison and other Berklee College of Music faculty. Through disciplined practice, free writing, modeling, scaffolding, revision, revision, and revision, your songwriting skills will grow by leaps and bounds. The goal is to help you learn how to write songs that you love and can either perform yourself or demo for other artists.

Don’t wait another day to begin your journey as a songwriter.

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