Contact information:

Brian Douglas Berlin
630 Oak Glen Dr.
Kemah, TX 77565


[email protected]

Academic history:

  • Doctor of Music Education, Graduate with High Distinction, 2021, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia
    Doctoral thesis title: Content Analysis of Guitar Repertoire for Young People: The Michelson and Suzuki Collections.
    Committee chair: Dr. Mindy Damon
  • Master of Arts, Music Education, Graduate with High Distinction, 2017, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia
    Thesis title: A Relational Analysis of Pedagogical Methods for Accordion, Electronic Keyboard, Organ, and Piano.
    Committee chair: Dr. David Schmal
  • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration, 1995, University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, Texas
  • ND, Music Studies, 1990-1993, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, Texas
  • High School Diploma, 1990, Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe, Texas

Professional experience:

  • Classroom Teacher (PK-4th Grade Music), 2012-Present, Pearland Independent School District, Pearland, Texas.
    District Innovators Committee. Campus Team Leader and Vertical Team Chair.  Glenda Dawson First-Year Teacher of the Year award recipient. Founding donor (Bronze Pear) of the Pearland ISD Educational Foundation and five-time innovative teaching grant recipient.
  • Substitute Teacher, 2012, Clear Creek Independent School District, League City, Texas.
  • Substitute Teacher, 2012, Friendswood Independent School District, Friendswood, Texas.
  • Director of Internet Operations (Programmer Analyst IV), 2000-2011, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas.
    Creating and maintaining educational software systems; participating in network planning; evaluating system performance according to current requirements and long-range plans; designing common data bases and selecting and programming data base software; training personnel; presenting technical briefings and acting as technical consultant to management; and participating in the formulation and implementation of departmental standards and policies. Academic Resources Advisory Committee, School of Health Professions Executive Committee, Interdisciplinary Studies Curriculum Development Committee.
  • Human Resources Analyst, 1999-2000, Seton Hospital, Austin, Texas.
    Generating regular and ad hoc reports on specific HR metrics; ensuring data accuracy by completely following all company-outlined procedures; examining and identifying key trends in the data; presenting relevant trends in clear, succinct reports to key stakeholders and demonstrating the implications of these trends on the business; working with business units and HR personnel to develop relevant HR metrics and /or key performance indicators; and providing advice, guidance, and technical support to assigned HR or business line departments.
  • Manager of Accounting Department, 1996-1999, American National Insurance Company, Galveston, Texas.
    Administering employee group insurance benefits; verifying accuracy of payroll deductions; reconciling internal and external accounts; managing personnel; appointing insurance agents; determining generating payments of commissions to insurance agents; administering benefits under C.O.B.R.A.; preparing budgets; authorizing disbursements; collecting insurance premium; and coordinating legal and compliance issues.

Qualifications and skills:

  • Highly qualified, multi-talented teaching professional committed to implementing research-based best practices in education
  • Skilled in bridging connections across academic subjects and real-world examples to increase relevancy and reinforce concepts being presented
  • Adept at integrating technology to provide a multifaceted learning experience 
  • Proven ability for tailoring lessons to pique students’ interests and imagination
  • Fosters a living and vibrant classroom where students are encouraged to explore new ideas
  • Nurtures a safe environment where each student feels free and encouraged to take educational risks
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent professional and scholarly communication skills, including editing and formatting
  • Excellent technological proficiency (LMSs, CMSs, Office Suite, Finale, Audacity, and many others)
  • Management and leadership experience
  • Business, legal, and ethical acumen
  • Principal instrument: trombone
  • Current pedagogical focus: guitar, piano, accordion
  • Current artistic focus: songwriting
  • Adaptable
  • Visionary
  • Resourceful

Awards and honors:

  • Glenda Dawson First Year Teacher of the Year Award, 2013, H.C. Carleston Elementary School, Pearland Independent School District


  • Berlin, Brian. “Content Analysis of Guitar Repertoire for Young People: The Michelson and Suzuki Collections.” Doctoral thesis, Liberty University, 2021.
  • Berlin, Brian. “A Relational Analysis of Pedagogical Methods for Accordion, Electronic Keyboard, Organ, and Piano.” Master’s thesis, Liberty University, 2017. 


  • “Accordions in the Public School Setting” invited presentation for the National Accordion Association Convention, 2014.
  • “Comprehensive Classroom Keyboarding” invited clinic for the Texas Music Educators Association Convention, 2018.
  • “First Lesson: Accordion Workshop for Kids” invited clinic for the National Accordion Association Convention, 2016.

Professional associations:

  • Accordionists and Teachers Guild, International
  • American Recorder Society
  • American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
  • American String Teachers Association
  • Greater Houston Puppetry Guild* (Vice President)
  • Guitar Foundation of America
  • Guitar Initiative of Houston
  • International Trombone Association
  • National Association for Music Education
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity
  • Puppeteers of America
  • Suzuki Association of the Americas
  • Texas Classroom Teachers Association
  • Texas Educational Theatre Association
  • Texas Guitar Directors Association
  • Texas Music Educators Association

Academic service:

University of Texas Medical Branch

  • Academic Resources Advisory Committee
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Curriculum Development Committee
  • School of Health Professions Executive Committee

Pearland Independent School District

  • Technological Innovators Committee

Grants and scholarships:

  • Elementary Accordion Orchestra, 2014, Pearland ISD Education Foundation
  • Elementary Accordion Orchestra, 2015, Pearland ISD Education Foundation
  • Elementary Accordion Orchestra, 2016, Pearland ISD Education Foundation
  • Elementary Bucket Band, 2017, Pearland ISD Education Foundation
  • Elementary Music Instructional Support Program Grant, 2015, Texas Music Educators Association
  • Elementary Music Instructional Support Program Grant, 2018, Texas Music Educators Association
  • Elementary Music Instructional Support Program Grant, 2021, Texas Music Educators Association
  • Small Guitars for Little Hands, 2018, Pearland ISD Education Foundation
  • TJEA Jazz Grant, 2017, Texas Jazz Educators Association
  • Donors Choose
    • Piano Accordion Learning Laboratory, 2013
    • Accordion Keyboard Learning Laboratory, 2013
    • Melodicas to Supplement Accordion Keyboard Classroom, 2013
    • Tickling the Technological Ivories w/ MIDI Piano Keyboards, 2013
    • Tuneful Tools: Melodicas, 2013
    • The Big Squeeze – Accordion Learning Laboratory, 2013
    • Tuneful Tools III – More Melodicas, 2013
    • Stand and Deliver: Music Stands, 2014
    • Music… Buy the Books, 2014
    • Tickling the Technological Ivories II (MIDI Piano Keyboards), 2014
    • Strum Strum Strum a Ukulele Strum Strum, 2014
    • On the Table, 2014
    • On the Table III, 2014
    • Stand and Deliver II: More Music Stands, 2015
    • Elementary Music Instruments: TRIANGLES, 2015
    • Hip, Hip, Harmonica Band!, 2016
    • Tuneful Tunes IV: Even More Melodicas!, 2016
    • Guitar Class Needs Foot Rests, 2017
    • Stand and Deliver: Music Stands, 2018
    • No Strings Attached: Ukulele Strings, 2018
    • Music… Buy the Books, 2018
    • Stand and Deliver – Music Stands, 2018
    • Guitar Capo Crusaders, 2018
    • Lend a Hand for Puppets, 2018
    • A Very Musical Chair!, 2019
    • A Helping Hand for Puppets, 2019
    • Music… Buy the Books, 2019
    • Name that Tune: Music Memory, 2019
    • On Track for Making Music, 2019
    • Puppets, Puppets, Puppets, 2019
    • Name that Tune: Music Memory, 2020
    • Sensational Songs to Sing, 2020
    • A Metronome Makes Music More Meaningful, 2021
    • Small Guitars for Little Hands, 2021
    • All About Those Basses, 2021

Licenses, certifications, and training:

  • CITI Social and Behavioral Researchers: Basic Course, 2021, Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative
  • Classroom Teacher: Music (EC-12), 2011-present, Texas State Board for Educator Certification
  • Classroom Teacher: Mathematics (4-8), 2012-present, Texas State Board for Educator Certification
  • Classroom Teacher: Science (4-8), 2012-present, Texas State Board for Educator Certification
  • Kodály Level I, 2018, University of Houston
  • Modern Band Teacher, 2021, Little Kids Rock
  • Suzuki Guitar Instructor Level 4, Suzuki Association of the Americas
  • Suzuki Recorder Instructor Level 1, Suzuki Association of the Americas

Military and public service:

  • Kemah Fire Department. 2004-2010. Duties: Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, Firefighter, Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician, Director of KFD Pipes and Drums. Awards: 2007 Distinguished Service Award
  • Texas State Guard Medical Brigade, O2-1LT, MOS: Health Care Specialist/Medic. 2008-2013. Honorable discharge. Company appointments: S2 Intelligence Officer, S6 Communications Officer. Company and brigade assignments: administration, medic, medical strike team, pharmacy technician. Awards: Meritorious Service Ribbon, Commanding General’s Individual Award, Basic Orientation Training Ribbon, TXSG Service Medal, SGAUS Recognition Award

Community service:

  • Board Member, 2013-2014, Bay Area Youth Symphony
  • Board Member, 2019-present, Gulf Coast Guitar Association
  • Board Member, 2022-present, Innovative Accordion Music Productions

Performing history:

  • Independent singer-songwriter / freelance musician (guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, vocals, bagpipes, accordion), 1998-present
  • Bay Area Church College Choir, 1994-1996, League City, Texas
  • Bay Area Church Orchestra, 1994-1998, League City, Texas
  • Clear Lake Caledonian Pipes & Drums (founder, pipe major (director), piper, teacher), 2005
  • Clear Lake Symphony (trombone, bass trombone, percussion), 2015-2020
  • College of the Mainland Jazz Ensemble (trombone and bass guitar), 1998-1999 and 2001-2002
  • College of the Mainland Pit Orchestra (trombone and trumpet), 1992
  • First Baptist Church-Alta Loma Worship Team (bass guitar, guitar, voice), 1998-2002, Santa Fe, Texas
  • Houston Dynamo Orange Blast Band (trombone), 2009-2010
  • Houston Texans Deep Steel Thunder (formerly Bull Pen Pep Band) (trombone), 2008-2014
  • Hyde Park Baptist Church Orchestra (trombone, bass guitar), 1991-1992 and 1999-2000, Austin, Texas
  • KPFT (disk jockey), 2011, Houston, Texas
  • Motorcycle Music Ministry (guitar and voice), 1995-2000
  • Private accordion studies with Mr. Mario Pedone
  • Private bagpipe studies with Mr. William “Robbie” Robertson
  • Private cello studies with Mrs. Phyllis Young, University of Texas at Austin
  • Private fiddle studies with Mr. Steve Bing
  • Private guitar studies with Mr. Jeremy Garcia, San Jacinto College Central
  • Private trombone student with Mr. Donald Knaub, University of Texas at Austin
  • Private violin studies with Ms. Christine Ewing
  • Private violin studies with Ms. Hallie Reeves
  • Santa Fe High School concert and marching bands (trombone), 1986-1990
  • Santa Fe High School Stage Band (trombone), 1987-1990
  • Sinfonia Singers, 1991-1993
  • Taiko drumming studies with Kaminari Taiko of Houston, 2014
  • (composer), 2001
  • University of Houston-Downtown Civic Jazz Band (trombone and bass trombone), 2010-2015
  • University Baptist Church Contemporary Worship Team (drum set), 2004-2005, Houston, Texas
  • University Baptist Church Orchestra (trombone, tuba, violin, bass guitar), 2002-2017, Houston, Texas
  • University of Texas Basketball Band (trombone), 1990-1993
  • University of Texas Longhorn Band (trombone), 1990-1993
  • University of Texas Trombone Choir (trombone), 1990-1993
  • University of Texas Wind Ensemble (trombone), 1991-1993
  • Wurst Band (trombone), 1992-1993

Private teaching history:

  • Trombone, 1988-1990, Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe, Texas
  • Trombone, 1991-1993, Austin, Texas
  • Band Consultant, 1994-1995 and 2005-2018, Bay Area Christian School, League City, Texas
  • Brasses and Percussion, 1995-1997 and 2000-2002, Santa Fe, Texas
  • Brasses and Saxophones, 1997-1999, Mars Music, Houston, Texas
  • Trombone, 1999, H&H Music, Webster, Texas
  • Trombone, 2002-2007, Kemah, Texas
  • Bagpipes and Percussion, 2007-2012, Kemah, Texas
  • Brasses, Woodwinds, Violin, 2011-2012, Trafton Academy, Houston, Texas
  • Accordion, Guitar, Piano, 2013-present, Kemah, Texas
  • Piano, Guitar, Brasses, 2016-2019, Music & Arts / Guitar Center, Alvin and Webster, Texas
  • Brasses, 2017, Lutheran South Academy, Houston, Texas
  • Accordion, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Recorder, 2017-present, Nassau Bay Music Lessons, Nassau Bay, Texas


  • Association of Texas Small School Bands Region Auditions (trombone), 2017-2018
  • Houstonfest (classical instrumental ensemble, classical vocal ensemble, polka band, and puppetry), 2015-2022
  • Houston Guitar Festival (guitar ensemble), 2019
  • International Leadership of Texas Fine Arts Competition (guitar), 2022*
  • Texas State German Contest (polka band), 2022

Directing (Music):

  • Houston Guitar Festival, Director of All-City Elementary Guitar Orchestra, 2022.

Directing (Film):

  • “Hat for Tad,” Second Assistant Director, 2007
  • “Healer,” Assistant Director, 2008

*event cancelled